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Tony Rodriguez U.S. Congress


Tony ran for Congress in 2022 because he believes that true service is about our families, our communities, and the future of a  country our children and grandchildren will inherit.

It is about parents being able to decide what is best for their children, and keeping parental rights intact under the Constitution while holding government to task for poor performance in the classroom.

His involvement in the election for the 30th District of California in 2022 was not about left or right, Democrat or Republican, it was about protecting and defending the rights of the People under the Constitution of the United States, and bringing this country back into an era of dynamic leadership and a promising future for the generations who will follow our lead.

Tony Rodriguez continues to strongly stand for these values in his daily life and in his involvement with his community and state

Tony Rodriguez is truly

Leadership that works for YOU

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Issues & Political Concerns

Serious Child

Protecting our Families

Tony believes that family is our greatest national resource. As a result, we need to do more to defend our families. All families are different. Regardless of how your family is structured - whether you are a man and woman, two men, or two women - our children need family and love.Tony Rodriguez will work to protect the family regardless of race, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation.

Security Team Member

Protecting our First Responders

The dignity and peace, as well as security, of our citizens first, our communities, and, ultimately, our country depends on our first responders.

In an era where the debate is about defunding police, Tony supports appropriately allocated funding for better training and tools for our men and women in uniform.

Barber Portrait

Protecting our Jobs and Businesses

Tony believes that vital jobs are our social infrastructure, necessary to maintain social balance; equally important is the cost of supporting new businesses that employ and train people to develop important social and service skills which are, in turn, teachable, and tantamount to our continued economic success.

Monitoring Room

Protecting our Citizenry

National security is vital to our everyday security and in our efforts to maintain law and order;
As well, the security at our borders must be given priority, yet not at the expense of our Constitutional reputation for defending and protecting  human rights.

Image by Maan Limburg

Protecting our Minds

Teaching religiously, politically, or racially subjective perspectives, such as  Critical Race Theory, in our public schools is not intrinsic to our childrens' educational curriculum, and, therefore, should not be taught to our children prior to their voluntary college/university level involvement. Until then, it qualifies simply as Indoctrination.

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